Ádám Dohár

Tech lead, Mechatronics Engineer

Get stuff done.

I like solving engineering problems in the fields of Mechanics, Electronics and Software development. Having many years of hands-on experience makes me brave to face challenges alone, but leading towards success with my team is the ultimate dream.

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Professional Experience

CTO at Rollet


Lead a team of 10 in an award winning Start-up in Budapest.
Technical management of Backend, IoT and Mobile applications.

Hardware Engineer at Rollet

Ticket Kiosk and LED display design and assembly for Graphisoft Park.
16 new successful parking location start-ups in 2 months (+50% total growth).

Maintenance leader at Procter & Gamble


Lead a team of 8 responsible for maintenance and eliminating breakdowns.
Improved glue and packaging system by analyzing a ton of data, doing mechanical and PLC code changes.

Process Manager at Procter & Gamble


Started up and operated one of the most modern factories of the region.
Helped turning the operation profitable by massively reducing waste levels.

Co-Founder at Teteje - Snack with view


Opened and ran the first Picnic bar of Budapest.

Besides work

Mentor at Milestone Institute

Guiding and teaching the next generation of Engineers.
Helping high schoolers getting into top Universities.

Alumni, President at AIESEC

Lead our committee of 70 people within the largest student organization of the world.
Now proud alumni. I attend events and hold speeches to University students.

Got an interesting project?

Drop me a few lines at doharadam@gmail.com

or connect me via linkedin.com/in/doharadam